Japanese educational culture of the Edo period has returned to the present!

Terakoya, which existed in the Bunwa era as a traditional Japanese educational institution, has returned to the present day.

The town of Rifu in Miyagi Prefecture, Japan, is called the birthplace of prefectural terakoya in the Edo period.

In the Edo period, a school for the samurai (domain school) and a school for the common people (terakoya) were established separately. After that, the spread of terakoya made a great contribution to the development of modern education, but what was surprising was that many of these were run by citizens.

And now, terakoya (terakoya), run by citizen volunteers, are being revived in their birthplace. Citizens who are responsible for supporting children’s learning, creating places to stay, and developing the local community use meeting places in the district to create spaces.

The next “RIFUCHO Terakoya” will be held in April.